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24-27 juin 2008, Nîmes (france)

- 13 September 2007

The biennial conference series on Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication provides one of the most significant international forums for research on how diverse culture attitudes and communication preferences shape the implementation and use of information and communication technologies. The conference series brings together scholars from around the globe who provide diverse perspectives, both in terms of the specific culture(s) they highlight in their presentations and discussions, and in terms of the discipline(s) through which they approach the conference themes.

The conference proceedings, along with a subsequent book and special issues in both print and electronic journals that collect conference papers, have become primary resources in the growing field of both theoretical and practical literature on culture, technology, and communication.

Our Next Conference: CATaC’08 in Nîmes, France

ICTs bridging cultures? Theories, obstacles and best practices (Les TIC: des ponts entre les cultures? Théories, obstacles, bonnes pratiques)

sponsored by: Université de Nîmes IUFM (Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres) de Montpellier IUT (Institut Universitaire de Technologie) de Béziers

- http://www.catacconference.org/

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